Level SuperMind: Focus & Calm2.0.167 (Premium)

Level SuperMind: Focus & Calm v2.0.167 (Premium)

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Level SuperMind: Focus & Calm 2.0.167 (Premium)
Loading... Level SuperMind: Focus & Calm 2.0.167 (Premium)
Loading... Level SuperMind: Focus & Calm 2.0.167 (Premium)
Loading... Level SuperMind: Focus & Calm 2.0.167 (Premium)
Loading... Level SuperMind: Focus & Calm 2.0.167 (Premium)
Loading... Level SuperMind: Focus & Calm 2.0.167 (Premium)
Loading... Level SuperMind: Focus & Calm 2.0.167 (Premium)
Loading... Level SuperMind: Focus & Calm 2.0.167 (Premium)
Loading... Level SuperMind: Focus & Calm 2.0.167 (Premium)
Loading... Level SuperMind: Focus & Calm 2.0.167 (Premium)

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Are you looking to start the 75 hard challenge or simply seeking peace of mind? Level SuperMind is your go-to app for enhancing mind performance through meditation sleep and relaxation.

Whether you're battling stress anxiety or the hustle of daily life we understand the challenges you face and we're here to support you. We offer a holistic solution to boost your mental and physical vitality with a personalized approach.

Whether your preference lies in morning guided meditation the soothing tones of Shiva meditation effective breathwork home workouts yoga positive affirmations sleep meditations or journaling Level SuperMind is your tool for stress relief relaxation and personal development thus boosting your daily productivity.

Enjoy a complimentary 7-day trial with access to top-quality guided and unguided meditations in multiple languages including English and Hindi. These sessions are designed to improve focus boost memory and uplift your overall happiness.

Short on time? No worries! Level SuperMind caters to all schedules. Whether you're a beginner or dealing with challenges like depression or anxiety we have meditations for you whether you're at work or home. Set daily reminders to stay consistent motivated and build a meditation habit. Receive personalized recommendations based on your preferences and mood. You can also save your favorite meditations for offline use and maintain a streak for motivation.

- Over 605 guided and non-guided meditations including Shiva meditation and 7 chakra meditation backed by neuroscience
- Group meditation to make it fun and relaxing for you
- Mantra meditations like Om Chanting and Hare Krishna mantra for stress reduction
- Spiritual meditations like Om Mani Padme Hum to reduce stress and anxiety
- Specialized Zodiac Sign Meditation series using the Gayatri Mantra
- Positive affirmations for gratitude peace and success
- Focus meditations to improve attention and concentration
- Nature meditations for rejuvenation and relaxation

- Mindful breathing exercises including the 4 7 8 breathing technique to relax focus de-stress and sleep
- Soothing meditation music and binaural beats for anxiety relief confidence and motivation
- Ragas for anger management memory enhancement and full body relaxation

- Expert training for HIIT Cardio Yoga Stretching and Strength training
- Relaxing stretches for morning workouts menstruation breaks and pre-sleep routines
- Office Yoga and Sleep time yoga for relaxation and anxiety relief
- Yoga and meditation app features for a holistic approach to fitness

- Bedtime stories and sleep meditations including yoga nidra to combat insomnia and sleep issues
- Sleep music to promote relaxation and ease the transition into sleep

- Step Tracker integrated to help you monitor your physical activity
- Buddhist Meditations and mantras led by renowned monks like Palga Rinpoche
- Reflective Diary for self-awareness and growth

Enjoy a wide range of content for stress anxiety productivity and sleep on Level SuperMind. Start with a 7-day free trial followed by a subscription to unlock premium content- either Rs. 169/month Rs. 899 for 6 months or Rs. 1548/year. There are never any ads and some features will be free forever.

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Terms & Conditions: https://level.game/terms-and-conditions
Privacy Policy: https://level.game/privacy-policy

Whether you're dealing with insomnia anxiety or just seeking daily meditation Level SuperMind is your mindfulness coach offering calmness peace of mind and tools to deal with anxiety including breathing exercises and self-care apps features. It's the best meditation app for those looking to hypnotize their worries away inhale exhale with ease and achieve deep sleep for a rejuvenated tomorrow.

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