Meditopia: Sleep & Meditation4.4.2 (Subscribed)

Meditopia: Sleep & Meditation v4.4.2 (Subscribed)

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Meditopia: Sleep & Meditation 4.4.2 (Subscribed)
Loading... Meditopia: Sleep & Meditation 4.4.2 (Subscribed)
Loading... Meditopia: Sleep & Meditation 4.4.2 (Subscribed)
Loading... Meditopia: Sleep & Meditation 4.4.2 (Subscribed)
Loading... Meditopia: Sleep & Meditation 4.4.2 (Subscribed)
Loading... Meditopia: Sleep & Meditation 4.4.2 (Subscribed)
Loading... Meditopia: Sleep & Meditation 4.4.2 (Subscribed)
Loading... Meditopia: Sleep & Meditation 4.4.2 (Subscribed)

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Your Mental Health Companion:

With hundreds of mindfulness meditation apps to pick from what makes Meditopia so special? Well unlike most of the other options Meditopia offers more than just a short-term solution to falling asleep finding balance and de-stressing; we offer each member over 1000 deep-dive meditations and breathing exercises that get right to the heart of what we as a people regardless of age background or experience are dealing with everyday.

These meditations offered in 12 languages aim to cover the entire spectrum of human experiences from relationships expectations acceptance and loneliness to our body-image sexuality life purpose and feelings of inadequacy. Meditopia doesn’t just want to be a band-aid for wounds which we know require permanent healing. Our goal is to create a mental health sanctuary in which you can access the guidance and tools you need to build up mental resilience calm balance a healthy headspace and peace of mind. Everything you need to feel happier relax and sleep like a baby.

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What can you get with Meditopia?

Sleep Meditations + Breathing exercises
Your quality of sleep affects almost every aspect of your daily life. So why not help yourself get better sleep? Try any one of our +30 sleep meditations to learn new techniques as well as breathing and visualization exercises that you can continue to practice throughout the rest of your life to promote good sleep. Say bye to that old sound machine and that one-function breathing app.

Bedtime Stories
Bedtime fairy stories aren’t just for kids! As you tuck yourself into bed all warm and cozy let us lull you to sleep with our wide selection of bedtime stories. From fairy tales and adventures to experiences in places all throughout the world feel yourself getting pulled into these vivid and soothing stories. After all at the end of a long day you deserve to gently ease into a dreamworld of sleep and recovery. We also have a wide library of sleep sounds like rain waves and relaxing noises like white noise and more..

Our Top Features:
+1000 guided meditations
Nature sounds with a timer
Daily Meditations on a new topic every day
Daily Inspirational Quotes
Personal Note-taking to track your progress
Mindful Meter to see your mindfulness stats at a glance
In-app challenges with friends to feel challenged
Custom reminders to sleep and meditate
User-friendly and user-oriented interface

Meditopia’s meditation library offers over 1000+ guided meditations on topics including:
Body Positivity
Change & Courage
Less Guided Meditations
Body Scan
White Noise

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