PictureThis - Plant Identifier4.1.1 (Mod)

PictureThis - Plant Identifier v4.1.1 (Mod)

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PictureThis - Plant Identifier 4.1.1 (Mod)
Loading... PictureThis - Plant Identifier 4.1.1 (Mod)
Loading... PictureThis - Plant Identifier 4.1.1 (Mod)
Loading... PictureThis - Plant Identifier 4.1.1 (Mod)
Loading... PictureThis - Plant Identifier 4.1.1 (Mod)
Loading... PictureThis - Plant Identifier 4.1.1 (Mod)
Loading... PictureThis - Plant Identifier 4.1.1 (Mod)

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PictureThis identifies 1000000+ plants daily with over 98% accuracy—your personal plant expert in your pocket. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a budding plant parent PictureThis makes plant identification and care easy and accessible. Discover the power of plant knowledge get answers to your gardening questions and transform your garden with confidence.

Accurate Plant Identifier
Renowned as the best plant identification app PictureThis offers unmatched accuracy and user-friendliness making plant identification effortless. Identify over 400000+ plant species with over 98% accuracy. Just take a picture and our revolutionary identification engine will provide the plant’s name and detailed information instantly. Wondering about the name of a beautiful plant you saw on a walk? Simply snap a photo and let PictureThis do the rest!

Plant Disease Auto Diagnose & Cure
Snap a photo of a sick plant and PictureThis will diagnose the disease and offer treatment advice. It’s like having a plant doctor on call! Your favorite houseplant has developed brown spots on its leaves. Take a picture using PictureThis and within seconds receive a diagnosis and step-by-step treatment plan to restore your plant’s health.

Personalized Care Plans
Need advice on how to care for your plants? PictureThis provides detailed care instructions including how often to water when to fertilize and the best light conditions ensuring your plant thrives.

Toxic Plant Warning
Identify toxic plants and receive warnings to keep your pets children and family safe. You bring home a new plant but are unsure if it’s safe for your pets. PictureThis will alert you if the plant is toxic and provide safety guidelines to protect your loved ones.

Weed Identification
Easily identify weeds in your garden and get tips on how to control or remove them. If you notice a new plant growing in your garden beds and suspect it might be a weed snap a photo with PictureThis to confirm its identity and receive guidance on how to manage it effectively.

Water Tracker&Reminder
Never forget to water your plants again with timely notifications. Busy schedule making it hard to remember when to water your plants? PictureThis sends you reminders so you can keep your plants hydrated and healthy without the guesswork.

Light Exposure Monitoring
Track how much sunlight your plant is getting with our light meter to ensure it’s getting the right amount of light. You’re worried your indoor plant isn’t getting enough light. Use the PictureThis light meter to check its exposure and adjust its position for optimal growth.

Manage Your Plant Collection
Track all the plants you identify and build your own plant wishlist. Create your personal fingertip garden with PictureThis. You have a growing collection of plants and want to keep track of them. Use PictureThis to catalog your plants including photos and notes and create a wishlist for future purchases.

Expert Consultation
Have plant-related questions? Chat with our experts 24/7 to get personalized advice and tips tailored to your specific gardening needs.

Join PictureThis today and take your gardening experience to the next level! Wonder no more—identify learn and care for your plants with us. Let's make the world greener one plant at a time.


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PictureThis - Plant Identifier / What's New in v4.1.1 (Mod)

- - Paid options unlocked.
- FirebaseAnalytics and FirebaseCrashlytics disabled.
- All non essential receivers / permissions / activities/ services / providers and meta-data removed from manifest.

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Thanks for exploring the world of plants with PictureThis. In this update, we polished the designs of some screens and fixed a few minor bugs to make your plant care and identification experience as delightful as possible. Update now and enjoy!

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