Digital Compass for Android7.1 (Pro)

Digital Compass for Android v7.1 (Pro)

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Digital Compass for Android 7.1 (Pro)
Loading... Digital Compass for Android 7.1 (Pro)
Loading... Digital Compass for Android 7.1 (Pro)
Loading... Digital Compass for Android 7.1 (Pro)
Loading... Digital Compass for Android 7.1 (Pro)
Loading... Digital Compass for Android 7.1 (Pro)
Loading... Digital Compass for Android 7.1 (Pro)
Loading... Digital Compass for Android 7.1 (Pro)
Loading... Digital Compass for Android 7.1 (Pro)
Loading... Digital Compass for Android 7.1 (Pro)

Digital Compass for Android / Description

The most precise and accurate digital compass for android.

🧭 Our Digital compass for Android is a direction compass app it’s the most precise accurate compass for android. The digital compass has some features that provide standard compass satellite compass camera compass telescope compass qibla compass and weather updates. You can download this simple free compass app with altitude now to navigate quicker and easier to find true north south east west directions.

🧭 Directions Compass Online
Compass to find direction true north south east west with latitude and longitude to go camping 🏕 hiking traveling and informing you where you are then GPS compass is your perfect partner. This free compass for android is here to access your current location. Digital compass for Android is very useful for Muslim to find prayer direction. This smart compass free is useful when you move to another location or want to determine the direction at a specific location with direction compass.

Smart Compass App
🧭 Digital compass smart compass free is designed as a simple and easy-to-use direction compass interface with Display highly accurate compass app for android.

🏜️ Directions compass works exactly like a real compass free.

🧭 The best digital compass app for android gives you a better root to reach your direction using a compass map.

🧭 Display the current location and determine any east west north south directions.

🧭 Use a navigation compass with the help of true north compass and maps navigation location 📍 this compass direction maps to get the most out of the easy true north compass function.

Standard Compass
The standard compass is a reliable navigational tool used for determining cardinal directions with its magnetic needle pointing towards the Earth's magnetic north.

Camera compass
A camera compass is a useful feature allowing users to overlay compass information onto live camera views providing real-time directional guidance and enhancing navigation experiences.

Telescope compass
Enhance object measurement accuracy by utilizing the telescope camera within the digital compass app for quick focusing.

Satellite Compass
When using the satellite compass feature in our compass app you can easily view the precise location of your destination for clear navigation instructions.

Weather compass
The weather compass provides real-time weather updates alongside compass readings allowing users to stay informed about the current weather conditions while also accessing accurate direction guidance.

Digital Compass are handy electronic devices that use sensors to determine the magnetic field then display those measurements numerically by using free compass app. Direction Compass sensor is magnetometer 🧲 that can measure the Earth's magnetic field from you.

Smart compass will interfere when the device is near any magnetic objects. Put Compass app away from 🧲 magnetic objects such as magnets batteries. 🔋

Important Note: If you stop using digital compass for android for a long time you need to adjust it so that the magnetic field measurement results are 100 percent accurate. This Best Digital Compass app will help you determine the true north south east west directions easily.

By using 🧭Digital Compass - Smart compass you can comfortably travel and discover the world at any time without losing right direction. This directions compass is the best digital compass app you should have in your android device. Try & Download this smart Compass free so you can never get lost anywhere anytime.

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Digital Compass for Android / What's New in v7.1 (Pro)

- Mod info:
◉ Pro Features Unlocked
◉ No Ads (Except credit)
◉ Full Multi Language
◉ Apk Fully Optimized
◉ All debug Info Removed
◉ CPUs arch: Universal
➡ Modded By HexonMods

This app has credit advertisements
✔️ New UI/UX
✔️ Support Multiple languages.
✔️ Dark/Light Mode Added.
✔️ Get accurate Qibla direction Worldwide
✔️ Different Compass design available.
✔️ Telescope Compass
✔️ Standard Compass
✔️ Digital Compass
✔️ Satellite Compass
✔️ Map Compass
✔️ Weather
✔️ Bugs Fix
✔️ Optimize App Performance

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