Battery Guru: Battery Health2.3.4 (Expanded) (Mod Extra)

Battery Guru: Battery Health v2.3.4 (Expanded) (Mod Extra)

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Battery Guru: Battery Health 2.3.4 (Expanded) (Mod Extra)
Loading... Battery Guru: Battery Health 2.3.4 (Expanded) (Mod Extra)
Loading... Battery Guru: Battery Health 2.3.4 (Expanded) (Mod Extra)
Loading... Battery Guru: Battery Health 2.3.4 (Expanded) (Mod Extra)
Loading... Battery Guru: Battery Health 2.3.4 (Expanded) (Mod Extra)
Loading... Battery Guru: Battery Health 2.3.4 (Expanded) (Mod Extra)
Loading... Battery Guru: Battery Health 2.3.4 (Expanded) (Mod Extra)
Loading... Battery Guru: Battery Health 2.3.4 (Expanded) (Mod Extra)

Battery Guru: Battery Health / Description

Battery Guru is the ultimate app for displaying battery info of your phone and tablet! With a wide range of features we offer everything users need.
Want to know your screen-on time? Or an estimate of power used while the screen was off? We save you time everything is one click away. Set battery alarm check battery temperature while charging when fully charged monitor battery health all about battery life in a simple way. With Battery Guru you have everything in the palm of your hand.

🌍 Carefully translated into 30+ languages we put our users first!❤️

We always listen to our community and that's why we offer many well-packed features and regular app updates. With this app you can actively oversee your battery capacity configure alarms and reminders for battery level battery temperature and increased power draw while also gaining real-time usage statistics.

🔌 Battery Info
Unlike others our battery app offers comprehensive battery info right after opening the app. Screen-on time battery usage information regarding the electric current battery voltage power and many other details. We also take in account that one of the biggest degradation factors of the battery is temperature which we show as a graph over time. We also offer deep sleep and awake metrics so you can better understand idle drain.

🛡️Battery Health
Battery health estimation is the process of determining your battery's current condition and capacity compared to its original capacity when it was new. Over time batteries degrade due to factors like charging cycles temperature and usage patterns. This degradation reduces the battery's ability to hold a charge and shortens its overall lifespan. While battery health fluctuates due to temperature changes and aging Battery Guru strives to provide realistic statistics. We have a dedicated section for battery health estimation and helpful tips to maintain good battery health.

⏰ Battery Alarm
Set personalized alarms to receive alerts when your battery reaches specific thresholds. Choose the sounds you want and configure alarms for various situations including battery heat full charge low battery level and even unusually high power usage. These alarms can help you develop better charging habits and prevent unexpected shutdowns.

💡 Learning & Patterns
Battery Guru constantly learns about your device's power usage habits. The longer you use the app the smarter it becomes providing more accurate measurements tailored to your specific needs. All the data used for learning and estimations can be found in a dedicated history section for easy access.

🤝 Need help? Contact us!
If you have any questions about Battery Guru encounter issues using the app or simply need help understanding any of the displayed metrics please feel free to contact our support team directly. You can reach us through various channels:

You can find us on:
🌟 Our site: https://www.paget96projects.com/battery-guru
🌟 Telegram channel: https://www.t.me/Paget96_Projects
🌟 Dev X profile: https://x.com/paget96
🌟 Dev Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/thedakiness

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Battery Guru: Battery Health / What's New in v2.3.4 (Expanded) (Mod Extra)

- Mod Info:
■AdFree / Paid features unlocked;
■Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Services;
■Optimized and zipaligned graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
■Ads Permissions / Services / Providers removed from AndroidManifest;
■Ads links removed and invokes methods nullified;
■Ads layouts visibility disabled;
■Google Play Store install package check disabled;
■Debug code removed;
■Remove default .source tags name of the corresponding java files;
■Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase disabled;
■Rate dialog disabled;
■Promo apps disabled;
■Native crashguard disabled and removed completely;
■No active trackers or advertisements;
■Languages: Full Multi Languages;
■CPUs: universal architecture;
■Screen DPIs: 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
■Original package signature changed;
■Release by Balatan.

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- Speed up animations
- Fixed new month bar chart issue
- Fixed show last full charging date
- Updated alarms
- Improved health optimization
- Updated check state logic
- Fixed non removable dialog when no internet connection
- Updated app service
- Other minor changes and improvements
- Updated translations

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Enjoy Battery Guru!

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