Firewall Security - No Root1.3 (Premium)

Firewall Security - No Root v1.3 (Premium)

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Firewall Security - No Root 1.3 (Premium)
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Loading... Firewall Security - No Root 1.3 (Premium)
Loading... Firewall Security - No Root 1.3 (Premium)
Loading... Firewall Security - No Root 1.3 (Premium)
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Firewall Security - No Root / Description

Stay Secure With Best Firewall Security No Root - Handmade in Germany.

In today's digital world it has become essential to protect our devices from cyber threats. The firewall security app is an advanced cybersecurity solution designed specifically for android devices. It combines the power of a secure firewall system to create a defense against unauthorized access malicious malware spyware & potential data breaches. Protect your android device privacy with the best firewall security which is handmade in Germany and subject to high German data protection standards.

The firewall security app not only protects you from espionage but also provides hacker protection from hacking attacks keeps hackers & spies away. The firewall security is a reliable app blocker which has great ability to block all internet attacks & the anti hacker security privacy protects against unwanted access through the internet & prevents unauthorized access to your device. This anti hacker security privacy protects your privacy & informs you about every cyber security breach. For phone security it's a reliable app to determine which apps should have Internet access and which don't.

Comprehensive Cyber Security To Control & Monitor All Traffic:

The firewall security app goes beyond the traditional methods of firewall protection by incorporating a range of advanced cyber security features. Anti hacker security privacy complies with sophisticated algorithms & machine learning techniques to spyware detection & block various forms of malware including viruses spyware & other malicious software. The firewall security app constantly updates its malware database to stay ahead of emerging phone security providing real time hacker protection for your android device.

Enhanced Hacker Protection With Complete Privacy:

With the increasing numbers of hacking attacks hacker protection to your personal data & maintaining your privacy has become mandatory. The firewall security app employs multiple layers of cyber security for the purpose of hacker protection & to prevent any unauthorized access to your device. This firewall security app provides complete anti hacker security privacy which actively monitors incoming & outgoing connections & analyzing network traffic for any suspicious activity.

Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats:

Daily updates of the spyware detection with firewall security rules & filter lists anti malware also reliably protects against spyware & various monitoring apps such as GPS Tracker Remote Access Trojans (RAT) etc.

Key Features of Secure Firewall:

• Secure firewall for incoming & outgoing traffic
• Easy spyware detection in seconds with an intuitive interface!
• Anti hacker security privacy prevents personal data from being sent to the Internet
• Notifies you when an app tries to access the Internet
• Daily updates of secure firewall rules & filter lists
• Includes a DNS Changer for even greater privacy protection

Enhanced Phone Security & Control With App Blocker:

One of the key functionality of the firewall security android app is its app blocker. With app blocker users can easily monitor & control the permissions granted to apps installed on their android devices. The app blocker helps in preventing potential phone security vulnerabilities. Secure firewall also empowers users to manage & regulate the apps that have access to their personal information significantly reducing the risk related to phone security & data breaches.

Wifi Blocker To Securely Navigating Public Networks:

Using public Wi-Fi networks can be convenient but hackers often exploit unsecured Wi-Fi connections. The firewall security app’s wifi blocker functionality that enhances your security when connecting to public networks.

Important Notice:

This Firewall Security app uses the VPNService of android!

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Firewall Security - No Root / What's New in v1.3 (Premium)

- ☆Premium features unlocked
☆Ads Layout removed/Ad activity Removed
☆Optimized Graphics/Zipaligned
☆Remove default .source name of java files;
☆Cleaned Package for fast load
☆Debug Info Removed

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+ Improvements and bug fixes

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