PRIVARY Secure Photo Vault3.2.4.0 Lancelot (Premium)

PRIVARY Secure Photo Vault v3.2.4.0 Lancelot (Premium)

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PRIVARY Secure Photo Vault Lancelot (Premium)
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Loading... PRIVARY Secure Photo Vault Lancelot (Premium)
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Loading... PRIVARY Secure Photo Vault Lancelot (Premium)
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Loading... PRIVARY Secure Photo Vault Lancelot (Premium)
Loading... PRIVARY Secure Photo Vault Lancelot (Premium)
Loading... PRIVARY Secure Photo Vault Lancelot (Premium)

PRIVARY Secure Photo Vault / Description

Download Privary and enjoy highest protection for your personal photos videos and documents. Already trusted by over 7 million people worldwide and locked over 1 billion files.

Feel the difference.
Privary Vault is more comfortable than your default gallery and protects you with the same encryption that governments use.
Organize your photos keep them private and protect any video or document. Privary is a Real Secure Photo Vault that hides all personal documents with unique full-protection.

Privary covers you!
Files that you import to Privary are fully hidden and securely locked with your private password pin or fingerprint. Nobody except you can see your hidden files!

Powered by Multi-Level Security to ensure your privacy.
Many apps can hide photos but they are weak and easy to hack. Privary makes the difference with true AES CTR encryption to ensure highest security for your privacy.

📱 Hide and lock documents photos and videos
🔑 Open your vault with PIN Password Face-Recognition or Fingerprint
📁 Sort your files with folders and sub-folders
🛡️ Full data protection powered by full-encryption

"You look for real privacy? Use Privary."
Privary locks your important documents with outstanding features: Organize as you like and create unlimited folders or sub-folders.
The encrypted Photo Locker that truly protects your personal photos and documents against spying people and hackers that gives you more comfort than your public gallery.

Privary App Lock serves you with exclusive First Class Premium Protection:

• Full sd-card support
• Detect intruders automatically
• Not visible in the recently used apps

Chose if you want to disguise Privary from your apps list. Or open a decoy Fake Vault to stay protected when someone forces you to open your Private Vault.

We ❤ Privacy.
Just import any photo video or document to keep it protected inside your Private Vault.

Common questions:
What's the difference to other apps?
Privary encrypts everything not just your password! Every file that you store in your Privary Photo Vault is truly encrypted for the best available protection.

Is this similar to a gallery lock?
No. Privary is a secret photo gallery & filemanager where you can place files photos and videos to securely protect them. Made for true security and privacy.

Install Privary to get outstanding protection instantly. No professional knowledge required.

Are there any leaks like many other apps have?
No. Privary is the highly secured AES CTR encrypted Photo Vault. There's no way to get around the security.

Does Privary send my files to a server?
No. All files will stay on your device. Encrypted. And if you use the cloud your files will be stored in your own Google Drive™. Fully encrypted as well.

Personalize Privary with Premium Protection
• Ad-Free: Enjoy Best Protection without interruptions
• Fake Vault: Create a Decoy Vault with a separate password
• Cloud Protection: Take instant backups to your private secure Cloud

What's the capacity of my hidden folder?
Privary can lock down millions of documents photos and videos.
Privary is also the best choice if you look for a locker app to keep your messenger photos private.

Can i take pictures or videos out of my Private Picture Vault?
Yes any time.

Is video playback supported?
Yes. Privary can play all videos! For example: mp4 wmv mkv avi mov 3gp mpg flv h264 divx ogv f4v m4v dv etc.

Any questions on your Privary Photo Vault?
Just reach us at [email protected]

❤ Privary takes care about your privacy. We focus on true protection for everyone in the world.
Install Privary and protect your personal documents just as strong as IT-Specialists.

✓ About app permissions
Network: Licence check & cloud sync (optional)
Camera: Take photos / videos (optional)

"There is no getting around Privary when you look for real privacy"

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PRIVARY Secure Photo Vault / What's New in v3.2.4.0 Lancelot (Premium)

- Mod Info:
◉ Premium Features Unlocked
◉ AOSP Compatible / No Google
◉ CPUs arch: Universal
◉ Full Multi Languages
◉ All debug Info Removed

Modded by Mixroot

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We appreciate your all feedback to improve Privary - The - The most private Photo Vault!
Each update optimizes security and performance.

👍 Reach out to us whenever you want to suggest a feature or need assistance 📧 [email protected]
or check our Helpdesk https://docs.privary.me

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