Edge Lighting: LED Borderlight518 (Premium)

Edge Lighting: LED Borderlight v518 (Premium)

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Edge Lighting: LED Borderlight 518 (Premium)
Loading... Edge Lighting: LED Borderlight 518 (Premium)
Loading... Edge Lighting: LED Borderlight 518 (Premium)
Loading... Edge Lighting: LED Borderlight 518 (Premium)
Loading... Edge Lighting: LED Borderlight 518 (Premium)
Loading... Edge Lighting: LED Borderlight 518 (Premium)
Loading... Edge Lighting: LED Borderlight 518 (Premium)
Loading... Edge Lighting: LED Borderlight 518 (Premium)
Loading... Edge Lighting: LED Borderlight 518 (Premium)
Loading... Edge Lighting: LED Borderlight 518 (Premium)

Edge Lighting: LED Borderlight / Description

🌟 Welcome to Edge Lighting: LED Borderlight - this FREE app brings to you a stunning live wallpaper with a collection of amazing edge lighting from our lightning screen border app! 🌟

🔆 Are you tired of the same old boring screen display? With just a simple touch the device's screen edges will come alive with a stunning display of vibrant colors and dynamic shapes!

🌈 With Edge Lighting: LED Borderlight unleash the magic of colorful effects that dance along the edges of your screen making your phone screen look stunning and unique. You can try our exclusive unique magical lighting style with LED Lights which give a completely new meaning to your mobile screen. 🌈

🔮 Best features of our edge lighting app:🔮

✨ Eye-Catching Edge Lighting: Choose from 100+ border colors for your edge lighting live wallpaper or customize your edge border light with your favorite colors. From radiant rainbows to gradients LED effects and RGB color.

✨ Personalize Edge Lighting with Color and Border Shapes You can choose from a huge library of available shapes to change the edge light design on your phone. E.g. 😎 Emojis 💖 Love ⛄ Christmas 🎃 Halloween 🐶 Pet 🙋 your own name 🤖 Heroes ♑ Zodiac 🌸 Flower & Vegetable and a lot more.

✨ Overlay all Apps: Always on Display feature that allows you to overlay the edge lighting on all other applications. Now play your favorite game use Facebook Chat on WhatsApp or Messenger or surf on Instagram with beautiful edge border lighting and overlay on these applications.

✨ Stunning Edge Light Caller ID: Never miss an important call again with our stunning edge borderlight notification! Simply activate the caller ID feature in the application and enjoy the edge lighting on your phone border when someone calls you.

✨ Collection of Awesome 4K Live Wallpapers: Choose from so many templates and themes that you can set along with the edge light live wallpaper of your choice. You can also set your photo with border light live wallpaper on your mobile home screen and lock screen.

✨ Customize Border Light Style & Notch Type: From adjusting the thickness to selecting the perfect animation speed and animation direction. This app is compatible with all devices so you can also adjust the edge light wallpaper as per your device's notch.

🚀 But wait there's more! Our app goes above and beyond with these standout features: 🚀

🔥 Set edge lighting with 1 touch: Effortlessly activate edge lighting with just a single tap making it easier than ever to enhance your screen.

🔥 Quickly switch between regular and edge lighting modes: Seamlessly transition between different lighting modes to suit your preferences and needs.
🔥 Explore several live wallpapers with high-quality

🔥 Variety of colors and shapes for edge lighting phone: With endless customization options you can truly make your phone's edge lighting your own.

🔥 Display edge lighting over all other apps on your phone: Enjoy uninterrupted illumination that shines through even when using other applications.

🔥 Flexibility to change outstanding live wallpapers: Keep your screen fresh and exciting by easily switching between different live wallpapers.

🔥 Multiple language support: Our app caters to users from all around the globe with support for multiple languages.

🔥 Designed with a friendly interface and smooth experience that is suitable for all users.

🎉 Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your phone screen to new heights of beauty and functionality! Download Edge Lighting: LED Borderlight now and embark on a journey of visual delight! 🎉

- All copyrights are duly respected and reserved to their respective owners.
- If you observe any content in our app that violates copyrights kindly notify us and we will promptly rectify the issue.

Privacy Policy: https://sites.google.com/view/cutewallpapersstudio
Contact Us: [email protected]

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