TENADA: 3D Animated Text Art4.9.5 (Pro)

TENADA: 3D Animated Text Art v4.9.5 (Pro)

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TENADA: 3D Animated Text Art 4.9.5 (Pro)
Loading... TENADA: 3D Animated Text Art 4.9.5 (Pro)
Loading... TENADA: 3D Animated Text Art 4.9.5 (Pro)
Loading... TENADA: 3D Animated Text Art 4.9.5 (Pro)
Loading... TENADA: 3D Animated Text Art 4.9.5 (Pro)
Loading... TENADA: 3D Animated Text Art 4.9.5 (Pro)
Loading... TENADA: 3D Animated Text Art 4.9.5 (Pro)

TENADA: 3D Animated Text Art / Description

Bring Your Design to Life with TENADA App! 🚀
Are you tired of the same old logo design options? Are you looking for a graphic design app specialized in typography?
Tenada the revolutionary graphic design maker app puts the power of customization at your fingertips.
Effortlessly create stunning design content such as logo name art typography poster flyer thumbnail and more.
Place text on photo in 3D and add animation to shine on social media!

TENADA is a very easy artistic design maker on your phone. Our amazing templates will help visualize your creative ideas as eye-catching logo poster flyer thumbnail and more! Whether it's text or photo each element is easy to customize combine and create with presets.
• Design templates: typography logo animated logo typography poster watercolor logo spotlight logo Illustrated logo etc.
• Text & photo presets : Motion Neon & real material live effects.
• Playing your videos inside your text.
• All free fonts - stencil calligraphy tattoo fonts handwriting fonts etc.

Animate text in 3D. Apply a variety of text animations to your design that are not easily seen elsewhere. We provide animations suitable for title intro end credit logo flyer and more. There are special moves like back tumbling and triple axels.
• Animated text designer with 300+ motions
• Separate start middle and end animation
• Customize animation speed angle etc.

It supports powerful photo and video editing functions in real 3D space. You can create expert-level content without professional desktop tools. Empower your creative journey with TENADA the ultimate maker of professional-looking poster logo and flyer enhanced by our unique 3D features.
• Adjusting angle blur alpha and distance of 3d shadow.
• Bevel and embossing based on a light.
• Real material surface based on bump textures.
• Rotate X Y and Z of all added photos videos and texts.
• Adjusting speed angle and duration of animation.

Can you turn your photo into a live video? TENADA provides motion effects based on 3D rendering. Just tap an effect preset to your photo to make cinemagraph as you inspire.
• Slow motion of 3d effects
• Customizing FX - intensity amount alpha color and speed.
• Motion effect presets.
• FX zoom and transform.

Want different designs for your banner flyer poster logo Instagram feed stories or YouTube thumbnail? Improve your design skills with ready-made professional photos shapes and design fonts.
• Download Unsplash Free Images
• 700+ Free background images
• Professional templates and designs for media text and effects
• Video stickers in various shapes such as hearts stars notes clover spades etc.
• Video & photo transparency gradient
• Create text art: Customize color transparency shadows outlines neon text spacing line spacing and more.
• Animation: Typing Fade Zoom Rotate etc.
• Support for 1:1 for logo 4:5 cropping for Instagram feeds 16:9 for YouTube thumbnail and intro and 9:16 crop support for TikTok Reels Pinterest and YouTube shorts
• Export PNG with a transparent background
• Export chroma key video
• Direct sharing

• No watermarks
• Powerful 3d editing tool
• Full effects & text art collections
• Easy & fast work for your creativity
• Professional templates for content maker

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We fixed bugs and optimized to make the app more stable.
We always welcome feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We'd love to hear from you!

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