X10.35.0-release.0 (Patched) (All in One)

X v10.35.0-release.0 (Patched) (All in One)

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X 10.35.0-release.0 (Patched) (All in One)
Loading... X 10.35.0-release.0 (Patched) (All in One)
Loading... X 10.35.0-release.0 (Patched) (All in One)
Loading... X 10.35.0-release.0 (Patched) (All in One)
Loading... X 10.35.0-release.0 (Patched) (All in One)

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Proton Movies The X app is the trusted global digital town square for everyone.

With X you can:

- Post content for the world to see and join public conversations
- Stay up to date on breaking news and follow your interests
- Stay better informed with extra context from Community Notes
- Go live with Spaces for audio or stream live video
- Communicate privately with Direct Messages
- Subscribe to X Premium to expand your reach get a blue checkmark and more
- Earn a living creating exclusive content for your paid subscribers and share in the ad revenue generated in replies to your posts
- Create and join Communities around topics and interests from sports to music to technology
- Upload and watch videos up to 3 hours in length
- Write and read long form posts like essays and blogs
- Connect directly with your customers to help your business grow

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X / What's New in v10.35.0-release.0 (Patched) (All in One)

- Features:
Removes promoted posts in timeline and replies
Removes Google ads in timeline and replies
Unlocks the ability to download videos and gifs
Removes "Discover more" Banner in threads
Removes the view count from the bottom of tweets
Makes bio and username selectable
Permanantly hides the "Sensitive Media" warning
Removes tracking parameters when sharing links
Change the download directory for video downloads
Change the sharing domain
Disable chirp font (X's default font) and use your phone's default font
Replaces the default X (Formerly Twitter) Blue with the user's Material You palette
Enables \"Reader Mode\" on long threads
Enables ability to undo posts before posting
Hide new post banner
Hide bookmark icon in timeline
Hide Community Notes
Hides Floating Action Button
Hides Floating Action Button menu buttons
Hides For You tab from timeline
Hide Live section
Removes Hide Promoted Trends in explore
Hide recommended users that pops up when you follow someone
Hook for timeline entry
Get rid of t.co short urls
Removes "Communities to join" block in timeline
Removes "Creators to subscribe" block in timeline
Removes "Pinned posts by followers" block in timeline
Removes "Revisit your bookmark" block in timeline
Removes "Who to follow" block in timeline
Enable custom app icon and nav icon settings
Adds mod settings

★★★ X (formerly Twitter) Patched, compiled by derrin ★★★

➠ Changelog:
- Features
● Twitter: Added Hide bookmark icon in timeline (ff66167)
● Twitter: Add Custom sharing domain patch (8ffd36c)

- Bug Fixes
● Twitter: Added Hide FAB Menu Buttons to mod settings(c02b443)
● Twitter - Custom sharing domain: Use twitter as the default domain (ef8f11a)
● Twitter: Mod settings won't show up when offline (0d47e8d)

➠ Applied patches:
Remove Ads, Remove Google Ads, Download patch, Remove Detailed posts, Remove view count, Selectable Text, Show sensitive media, Clear tracking params, Custom download folder, Custom sharing domain, Disable chirp font, Dynamic color, Enable Reader Mode, Enable Undo Posts, Enable custom app icon and nav icon settings, Hide Banner, Hide Community Notes, Hide FAB, Hide FAB Menu Buttons, Hide For You, Hide Live Threads, Hide Promoted Trends, Hide Recommended Users, Hide bookmark icon in timeline, Hook for timeline entry, No shortened URL, Remove "Communities to join" Banner, Remove "Creators to subscribe" Banner, Remove "Pinned posts by followers" Banner, Remove "Revisit Bookmark" Banner, Remove "Who to follow" Banner

• App icon and navigation bar customization:
‒ Enter this address via Firefox or another browser twitter://subscriptions/settings/extras

➡ Languages: Full Multi Languages
➡ CPU architectures: arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, x86, x86_64
➡ Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi

➠ credit crimera

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Get ready for the new dark mode, now with 2 options – dim and lights out – and an automatic setting!

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