Immersive Chinese1.92 (Subscribed)

Immersive Chinese v1.92 (Subscribed)

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Immersive Chinese 1.92 (Subscribed)
Loading... Immersive Chinese 1.92 (Subscribed)
Loading... Immersive Chinese 1.92 (Subscribed)
Loading... Immersive Chinese 1.92 (Subscribed)
Loading... Immersive Chinese 1.92 (Subscribed)
Loading... Immersive Chinese 1.92 (Subscribed)
Loading... Immersive Chinese 1.92 (Subscribed)
Loading... Immersive Chinese 1.92 (Subscribed)
Loading... Immersive Chinese 1.92 (Subscribed)
Loading... Immersive Chinese 1.92 (Subscribed)

Immersive Chinese / Description

• The most efficient way to learn spoken Chinese.
• More than 7500 high-quality audio recordings.
• Uses the "comprehensible input" method of language learning providing you with lots of easy to understand Chinese sentences that gradually increase in difficulty.
• Powerful revision tools that allow you to create highly-customised study sessions.
• Includes separate slow and normal speed recordings. Hear every detail in the slow version.
• Choice of simplified or traditional characters.
• Currently includes 185 lessons and more than 4500 unique sentences
• 36 lessons are available for free and a full subscription costs just a few dollars.
• Save custom lists of vocabulary and sentences and generate study sessions from them.
• Each line of text (translation pinyin or Chinese characters) can be individually revealed and hidden.
• Full offline use supported (all files can be downloaded and stored locally).
• Detailed notes and definitions.
• Repetition Training allows you to drill your listening and hear a huge volume of comprehensible input covering the exact material you want to practice.
• Highly customisable audio playback (set the exact time delay between sentences).
• Detailed pronunciation guide.
• Mix of individual sentences and short stories.
• Audio recorded by a professional broadcaster with perfectly standard Mandarin.
• Ideal to use alongside other popular study tools such as Pleco or Skritter.
• Integrates fully with the desktop web browser version (found at www.immersivechinese.com).

Natural and Intuitive Way to Learn Spoken Chinese

The Serial Course contains months worth of content and is designed to take you from absolute beginner all the way to intermediate level. It starts out with extremely simple sentences and gently builds on that only introducing new material very gradually. The content is carefully designed so that you are never confronted with a word you don't know. The aim of the course is to give you the essential building blocks for forming practical sentences of your own. It naturally integrates spaced repetition so that as you move forward you are continually revising previous content.

Powerful Revision Features

Research into language acquisition has shown that repetition of comprehensible content is one of the most effective ways of learning a language. Repetition Training is a core feature of Immersive Chinese that allows you to play a specific selection of content on a continuous loop according to a number of different settings. You can set the specific time delay before and after each sentence use normal speed or slow recordings repeat each sentence a certain number of times and use a random or sequential order. You can also add custom filters so you only study the exact material you want to.

Immersive Chinese uses meticulous course design and quality audio content to provide the best way to learn spoken Chinese from scratch. Give it a try and start making progress today.

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Immersive Chinese / What's New in v1.92 (Subscribed)

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Minor backend updates
Fixes for a few rare bugs that caused crashes.
Fixed the issue where playback stops when switching to vocabulary view mid-sentence.

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