LibreTube0.21.1 (GitHub)

LibreTube v0.21.1 (GitHub)

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LibreTube / Description

An alternative YouTube front end, for Android. LibreTube is not connected to google directly, instead it uses piped instances to load data and play videos. Therefore this app doesn’t need to use any of Google Services installed. Also there is no need for a YouTube account, and it’s FLOSS.

LibreTube is an alternative and free youtube app for Android. It requires no Google Play Service and allows users to access massive YouTube videos without login in a google/youtube account.


- Background video playback.
- Ad-free and simple UI.
- User accounts are supported.
- Manage your subscriptions.
- Subtitles integrated into the video.
- Explore trending videos and popular channels.
- Search videos you want without search filters

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LibreTube / What's New in v0.21.1 (GitHub)

- @Fxolan
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Bug fixes
fix: Audio Pausing on quickly volume level adjustment by @RafaelsRamos in #5435
fix: can't open channel from player fragment by @Bnyro in #5456
fix: can't open playlists by @Bnyro in #5449
fix: clarify setting description by @RafaelsRamos in #5440
fix: correctly display transparent channelImages by @Bnyro in #5447
fix: crash on download menu by @synicalico in #5424
fix: Improve home feed layout and fix issue where incorrect cache size was defaulted. by @RafaelsRamos in #5443
fix: Improve player to mini-player transition + bottom space when there are no navigation tabs by @RafaelsRamos in #5436
fix: Incorrect actions management through bluetooth devices by @RafaelsRamos in #5427
fix: only apply white image background to channel avatars by @Bnyro in #5450
fix: remove unnecessary subscription status api call in channel fragment by @Bnyro in #5405
New features/design changes
feat: Support setting sleep timer on Audio player by @RafaelsRamos in #5425
style: tweak speed/pitch bottom sheet layout by @RafaelsRamos in #5434
refactor: improve script to generate changelogs by @Bnyro in #5404
chore: improve save feed summary by @FineFindus in #5441
chore: limit max amount of concurrent downloads to 6 to prevent rate limiting by @Bnyro in #5448
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