Cleaner - Clean Phone & VPN2.6.4 (AdFree)

Cleaner - Clean Phone & VPN v2.6.4 (AdFree)

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Cleaner - Clean Phone & VPN 2.6.4 (AdFree)
Loading... Cleaner - Clean Phone & VPN 2.6.4 (AdFree)
Loading... Cleaner - Clean Phone & VPN 2.6.4 (AdFree)
Loading... Cleaner - Clean Phone & VPN 2.6.4 (AdFree)
Loading... Cleaner - Clean Phone & VPN 2.6.4 (AdFree)

Cleaner - Clean Phone & VPN / Description

Cleaner - Clean Phone & VPN is a phone cleaner file manager and VPN in one app!

Some of the key features are removing unnecessary files a very convenient file manager wireless connecting the phone to any device for transferring data desktop wallpapers and much more!

✅ The phone cleaning feature removes unnecessary files from your device

✅ File Manager will help you efficiently manage your smartphone's files. Also manage files and folders of your SD card. Convenient viewing of images videos music applications downloaded and favorite files.

✅ Connection of your Smartphone to any Android device without a cable and transfer data between them. Viewing photos and videos from your phone on your TV via Wi-fi.
Viewing all programs installed on your device. Share music and videos with your friends easily.

✅ Desktop wallpapers will make your phone unique.
You will find high-quality wallpapers in the Cleaner & File Manager application.
There are thousands of wallpapers for all phones particularly for phones with a resolution of 4K and popular categories and tags in this application.

✅ Our app includes a VPN feature allowing you to browse the Internet securely and anonymously without installing additional software. Use a VPN for security and anonymity on the Internet! This feature is easy to use and provides a seamless browsing experience without compromising security.

We have designed this app to be as user-friendly as possible with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. Our goal was to create a straightforward and intuitive application by removing any unnecessary features or clutter that could distract from its core purpose.

In our app you can use the AccessibilityService API to easily clean and configure your device. To do this you will need to carefully read the terms and confirm the use of this API in our app. Through the AccessibilityService API our app does not collect process store or send data about the device or its owner to third parties.

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