Lightroom Photo & Video Editor9.0.1 (Premium) (Arm64-v8a)

Lightroom Photo & Video Editor v9.0.1 (Premium) (Arm64-v8a)

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Lightroom Photo & Video Editor 9.0.1 (Premium) (Arm64-v8a)
Loading... Lightroom Photo & Video Editor 9.0.1 (Premium) (Arm64-v8a)
Loading... Lightroom Photo & Video Editor 9.0.1 (Premium) (Arm64-v8a)
Loading... Lightroom Photo & Video Editor 9.0.1 (Premium) (Arm64-v8a)
Loading... Lightroom Photo & Video Editor 9.0.1 (Premium) (Arm64-v8a)
Loading... Lightroom Photo & Video Editor 9.0.1 (Premium) (Arm64-v8a)
Loading... Lightroom Photo & Video Editor 9.0.1 (Premium) (Arm64-v8a)
Loading... Lightroom Photo & Video Editor 9.0.1 (Premium) (Arm64-v8a)
Loading... Lightroom Photo & Video Editor 9.0.1 (Premium) (Arm64-v8a)
Loading... Lightroom Photo & Video Editor 9.0.1 (Premium) (Arm64-v8a)

Lightroom Photo & Video Editor / Description

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free easy-to-use photo & video editor that helps you quickly capture & edit stunning images with powerful presets.

Lightroom’s editing app offers easy-to-use photo & video editing tools to enhance photos with object removal background fine-tuning & preset filters to quickly add adjustments that bring your photos videos and reels to life – all in one app.

• Instantly access photos from your Android Gallery and edit your favorite photos in a flash
• Make quick & easy edits to your pictures with free presets
• Create amazing pictures & reels with 200+ exclusive Premium Presets created by professional photographers
• Create & save your own presets to apply to more photos for a cohesive look

• Discover our easy-to-use photo editor with a range of exciting customizable features
• Instantly improve your photos with auto photo editor
• Use precision sliders to retouch all your light settings like contrast exposure highlights & shadows
• Create eye-popping picture edits with the color mixer & color grading tools
• Use the photo enhancer to change your pictures’ look & feel with the clarity texture dehaze & grain sliders
• Easily crop & rotate your pictures
• Use curves photo editor for advanced edits to highlights midtones shadows & color
• Exposure timer instant presets & more
• Get more detailed shots with advanced capture modes like raw professional & HDR

• Create Edit Replay – Save and share a short before-and-after video of your edits to showcase your creative process
• Access Premium video editing features with our video maker & editor
• Create your own look & feel across your collection of photos videos & reels
• Apply presets edit trim retouch & crop videos with precision sliders to fine-tune contrast highlights vibrance with video effects & more

Next level images with the Lightroom Premium photo & video editor.
Upgrade & unlock easy-to-use tools like exclusive presets filters picture enhancer Healing Brush masking geometry cloud storage & more with an intuitive photo editor.

• Lightroom’s Premium video editor brings the same top-quality photo editing features that users love to video editing
• Use amazing video editing filters with our unique photo & video enhancer
• Access 200+ hand-crafted premium preset filters created by professional photographers
• AI recommends presets that will work best to retouch your photos & videos
• Trim & edit videos utilizing an all-in-one photo & video editor
• Retouch & remove objects or distracting elements with the Healing Brush
• Lightroom AI automatically selects the sky or subject of your photo to retouch further
• Lightroom’s Discover feed lets you showcase your photos online and share your photo editing process with others
• Photo & video edits sync seamlessly so any retouch editing changes you make in the app are always up to date

Terms & Conditions:
Your use of this application is governed by the Adobe General Terms of Use http://www.adobe.com/go/terms_en & the Adobe Privacy Policy http://www.adobe.com/go/privacy_policy_en

Do not sell or share my personal information www.adobe.com/go/ca-rights

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Lightroom Photo & Video Editor / What's New in v9.0.1 (Premium) (Arm64-v8a)

- Mod Info:
◉ Premium Features Unlocked
◉ AOSP Compatible / No Google
◉ CPUs: arm64-v8a
◉ Full Multi Languages
◉ All debug Info Removed

⚠️ Notes:
- To bypass signing in
After opening App, just click on (x) mark on top left area on login screen.
- Although, few features may require signing in so it's better to login.
- To login, use Adobe ID.
➥ Create an account and sign-in

Modded by Mixroot

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- [Early Access] Add blur effects with AI-powered Lens Blur
- Find photos easier and edit faster in an improved editing experience
- Edit and export in HDR, only on Pixel 7 series & Android 14
- Connect with photographers on Community
- New support for latest cameras and lenses (adobe.com/go/supported_camera)
- Bug fixes and stability improvements

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