Malayalam Keyboard11.1.6 (Premium)

Malayalam Keyboard v11.1.6 (Premium)

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Malayalam Keyboard 11.1.6 (Premium)
Loading... Malayalam Keyboard 11.1.6 (Premium)
Loading... Malayalam Keyboard 11.1.6 (Premium)
Loading... Malayalam Keyboard 11.1.6 (Premium)
Loading... Malayalam Keyboard 11.1.6 (Premium)
Loading... Malayalam Keyboard 11.1.6 (Premium)
Loading... Malayalam Keyboard 11.1.6 (Premium)
Loading... Malayalam Keyboard 11.1.6 (Premium)
Loading... Malayalam Keyboard 11.1.6 (Premium)
Loading... Malayalam Keyboard 11.1.6 (Premium)

Malayalam Keyboard / Description

Manglish Malayalam Keyboard commonly known as Manglish has revolutionized how Malayalam is typed on a smartphone. Join the 20 million Malayalis who enjoy superior word predictions seamless English to Malayalam conversion intuitive voice typing and handwriting input.

Note: When you enable any new keyboard app Android shows a standard warning. We do not collect or store any private information from your phone.

How to setup the Malayalam Keyboard
1. Open the app and follow the instructions to enable & choose Manglish as your keyboard
2. Customize the keyboard by choosing a theme you like. You can also change other settings like sound vibration feedback keyboard height number row & more.
3. Type in Malayalam everywhere! Manglish Keyboard can be used directly inside any app.

The best keyboard app for Malayalam typing
- Type quickly with phonetic transliteration (namaskaram > നമസ്കാരം)
- Tap the mic icon to use Malayalam voice to text (Supports English also)
- Tap the pencil icon to use the Malayalam handwriting keyboard
- Explore & share Malayalam stickers from inside any app

Typing with Manglish is super fast - you don't need other Malayalam input tools. It works directly inside all your apps - no need to copy-paste.

Chat with your family & friends in your native language. Use Malayalam on WhatsApp Facebook Instagram or any other app. You can also use it to write official documents messages and social media posts in Malayalam.

Typing FAQ
- To get ഞങ്ങൾക്കും type "njangalkum"
- For ആശംസകൾ type "aash" and you'll get the full prediction
- You can swipe on the suggestions bar to find different variations of the word
- If you don't find the correct word you can type it by splitting into two words: സ്വാഭാവികം + backspace + മായ = സ്വാഭാവികമായ

Powerful features
- When typing English tap the മ button on the left side of space key to get English suggestions. Tap it again to go back to Malayalam mode.
- Tap on Stickers and find interesting stickers from your existing chats and also discover new ones
- Use the Clipboard to easily paste frequent messages.
- App Search & Suggestions appear automatically when you search inside supported apps. Easily find the apps on your phone and also discover new apps & websites relevant for you.

Settings to get your perfect keyboard
- Number row
- Emoji row
- Vibration (Haptic feedback) and sounds on key press
- Long press for symbols
- Keyboard height adjustments

More settings to customize your typing experience
- Select suggestions with the space key
- Autocomplete for Malayalam
- Key popup
- Gesture/Swipe typing
- Cursor control with space key
- Swipe to delete

We respect your privacy
- No private data or credit card numbers are collected. A standard warning is shown by Android when you enable any new keyboard
- Anonymous statistics may be collected to improve your experience as per our privacy policy

You can activate Manglish Premium from settings. Your purchase will help us continue improving the app and will remove any ads that you see.

Manglish Keyboard offers the best typing experience on phones. Forget indic keyboard and other slow or inaccurate keyboards and choose the most popular Malayalam app.

We're a part of Desh Keyboard - the most popular keyboard app for Indian languages.

മലയാളം എഴുതാൻ മംഗ്ലീഷ് കീബോർഡ്!

Please share your suggestions by emailing us at [email protected]

Made with ❤️ in Kerala

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Malayalam Keyboard / What's New in v11.1.6 (Premium)

- @youarefinished
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- Added automatic Light/Dark theme
- New emojis added 🫨️

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