Neck exercises - Pain relief1.1.0 (Premium )

Neck exercises - Pain relief v1.1.0 (Premium )

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Neck exercises - Pain relief 1.1.0 (Premium )
Loading... Neck exercises - Pain relief 1.1.0 (Premium )
Loading... Neck exercises - Pain relief 1.1.0 (Premium )
Loading... Neck exercises - Pain relief 1.1.0 (Premium )
Loading... Neck exercises - Pain relief 1.1.0 (Premium )
Loading... Neck exercises - Pain relief 1.1.0 (Premium )

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The complete health complex containing the most effective neck exercises at home for every day. Get rid of chronic headache and dizziness as well as feelings of tension and stiffness in the cervical-collar zone.
The neck training app will help to restore healthy muscle tone stimulate blood circulation and improve nervous and muscle mobility of the upper spine. Classes are suitable for everyone and have 3 levels of complexity - for beginners when all neck pain relief exercise performed on a chair a daily home workout in which there are both sitting and standing physio exercises for shoulders with osteochondrosis and a more complex training program.

All activities have detailed video and audio instructions. There are performed in smooth and comfortable amplitudes slowly and consciously. It is recommended to practice neck shoulder workout for stretches daily for the prevention and treatment of osteochondrosis.

Application functionality
✓ More than 50 different neck pain relief exercise free (and shoulder) with text descriptions video or photo instructions and audio comments;
✓ All activities have different levels of difficulty;
✓ 52 different workouts for 3 months of classes;
✓ 3 difficulty programs: a training program on a chair which is carried out completely sitting as well as 2 more difficult complexes for shoulder and neck stretches in which the upper parts of the spine are involved;
✓ A statistics system that will allow you to track your results and successes how pain changes with training time;
✓ A system for measuring pain syndromes of a muscle and nervous nature as well as blood pressure. Such a thing as osteochondrosis requires increased control;
✓ You can engage in pre-made workouts or create your own classes;
✓ A system of reminders and notifications that - now you will never forget to do yoga for neck workout at home;
✓ Flexible training settings - adjust the time for each activity the time of preparation and rest between them.

Types of neck exercises app activities
✓ Dynamic - there is a stimulation of blood flow and basic warm-up;
✓ Static - there is a stretching and warm-up for the muscles and getting rid of the muscle clamps;
✓ With strengthening - there is a strengthening of the muscle corset shoulders are already involved here;
✓ Active dynamic - there is a deep and strong stretching and stimulation of blood circulation;
✓ Yoga asanas - the focus is on the upper spine and shoulders.

The training complex is designed for 3 months and contains three programs each of which contains 14 workouts per month. For example the most difficult complex - stretches for neck pain exercises consist of dynamic and really difficult physio exercises which should only be started after completing the first and the second programs. Classes are of increasing complexity and do not require any additional equipment. Just 5 to 10 minutes of free time and your phone. The charging principle of the yoga for neck workout at home is based on smoothness balance and harmonious development. Such training will quickly enter the rhythm of life because a virtual trainer will be an indispensable assistant for conducting classes for pain relief.

Take your first training session after which you will notice amazing results.

👍 Have a great workout!

Disclaimer: This application is a source of the information and provides no medical advice should not be used by individuals under age 18 or by pregnant women. It's recommended to consult a doctor and get professional advice to make sure that you can perform this activity.

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We have improved the description of the neck exercises and made it more detailed;
We have corrected some errors;
We have improved the speed of the app.

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