Auto Cursor1.7.0 (Pro)

Auto Cursor v1.7.0 (Pro)

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Auto Cursor 1.7.0 (Pro)
Loading... Auto Cursor 1.7.0 (Pro)
Loading... Auto Cursor 1.7.0 (Pro)
Loading... Auto Cursor 1.7.0 (Pro)
Loading... Auto Cursor 1.7.0 (Pro)
Loading... Auto Cursor 1.7.0 (Pro)

Auto Cursor / Description

Auto Cursor makes it easier to use large smartphones with one hand by using a pointer accessible from the edges of the screen.

What can Auto Cursor do for you?
• Use cursor to reach every side of the screen
• Perform click long click or drag
• Apply different actions for click or long click on each of the 3 triggers
• Edit the triggers tracker and cursor to your needs by choosing size color and effects

Following actions are available :
• Back Button
• Home
• Recent Apps
• Previous App
• Open notification
• Open quick settings
• Open system settings
• Power off dialog
• Lock screen
• Take screenshot
• Paste clipboard
• Search
• Voice assistant
• Assistant
• Toggle Bluetooth Wifi GPS Auto-Rotate Split Screen Sound Brightness
• Media actions : play pause previous next volume
Launch an application
Launch a shortcut (Dropbox folder Gmail label contact route etc.)

Auto cursor is fully configurable:
• Swipe LEFT-RIGHT-BOTTOM edge to show cursor and perform actions.
• Custom place size colors for triggers
• Distinguish two different actions on trigger: click & long click
• Choose different actions for each trigger

The app has no ads.
The Pro version offer you:
• Possibility to perform long click and drag with the cursor
• Possibility to add long click action to triggers
• Access to more actions the ability to launch an application or a shortcut
• Access to Recent Applications menu
• Adjust Volume and/or Brightness with slider
• Possibility to completely customize the tracker and cursor: size color...

We attach great importance to the protection of privacy which is why Auto Cursor has been developed in such a way that it does not require Internet authorization. The application therefore does not send any data over the Internet without your knowledge. Please consult the privacy policy for further informations.

Auto Cursor requires you to enable its accessibility service before you can use it. This app uses this service only to enable its functionality.

It needs the following permissions:
○ View and control screen
• detect foreground application in order to enable or disable service based on user defined rules
• display trigger zones

○ View and perform actions
• carry out navigation actions (home back u2026)
• perform touch actions

The usage of this accessibility features will never be used for something else. No data will be collected or sent across network.

On these devices it may be necessary to add Auto Cursor to the list of protected applications.
To do this activate Auto Cursor in the following screen:
[Settings] -> [Advanced settings] -> [Battery manager] -> [Protected apps] -> Enable Auto Cursor

Auto start is disabled by default. Please allow Auto Cursor in the following screens :
[Settings] -> [Permissions] -> [Autostart] -> Set autostart for Auto Cursor
[Settings] -> [Battery] -> [Battery Saver]-[Choose apps] -> Select [Auto Cursor] -> Select [No restrictions]

Auto Cursor is currently fully translated into English French Italian Russian Ukrainian and Chinese. An incomplete and perfectible translation is available in German Spanish Dutch Polish and Portuguese. If you would like to make Auto Cursor available in your native language or report an error in an ongoing translation please do not hesitate to contact us at the following address: [email protected].
You can choose to change the default language of the application in the "About / Translation" menu of the application.

Details informations available at https://autocursor.toneiv.eu/faq.html

Report issues
GitHub : https://github.com/toneiv/AutoCursor

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Auto Cursor / What's New in v1.7.0 (Pro)

- ★★★ MOD ★★★

PRO Unlocked
Evaluation dialog removed
Optimized resources

credit Alex.Strannik

• Support for potential conflict with the tracker when a drag action is executed
• Redesign of animations
• New Action: Turn off screen
• Improved on-screen keyboard management
• Improved screen rotation management
• Improved display of available widgets
• Fixed bugs in the "Show left/right cursor" widget
• Fixed bugs in the "Temporarily disable triggers" actions
• Support for themed icons on Android 13

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