Aurora Store Nightly4.2.2 b44 s6e4c3c50 (Altered)

Aurora Store Nightly v4.2.2 b44 s6e4c3c50 (Altered)

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Aurora Store Nightly / Specifications

Aurora Store Nightly / Description

A Google Playstore Client

Aurora Store is an alternate to Google's Play Store, with an elegant design,
using Aurora you can download apps, update existing apps, search for apps,
get details about in-app trackers, spoof your location and much more.

Aurora Store Nightly / What's New in v4.2.2 b44 s6e4c3c50 (Altered)

- Mod Info:
● Downloads On External Storage (Aurora)
● All Downloads In The Same Single-Level Directory (Aurora)
● Name of APKs with Version Name + Version Code as Suffix
● Name of Split APKs with Package Name as Prefix
● Compression Flags Untouched
● No Third Party Patch
● No Additional Component
● Size: 5.0 MB
● Mod Concept by Kirlif'
● Release by Kirlif'


• strings: Add missing postitions of substitutions
• FilterSheet: Switch to setOnCheckedStateChangeListener
• RootInstaller: Ensure sessionId is non-null
• BaseView: Switch to non-null upper bound
• RequestBuilder: Drop inline from functions
• BaseDetailsActivity: Switch from Html to HtmlCompat
• Glide: Drop unused transitionOptions parameter
• Switch from onBackPressed to onBackPressedDispatcher
• Glide: Switch from ViewTarget to CustomViewTarget
• Address PackageInfo and VersionCode deprecation warnings
• dash: Switch to better subtitles
• Switch to Material3 theme
• README: Drop unreachable supported section
• Update URLs
• Switch to CustomTabs instead of launching browser
• Add option for system accent
• Save 1st theme during onboarding
• Apply proper margin between accents
• Switch to white color for tab and accent indicator
• treewide: Move lambda argument out of parentheses for livedata observeables
• treewide: Replace get call with indexing operator for viewmodels
• Move all ignored lint warnings into lintConfig
• DevProfilActivity: Drop useless cast
• Bring in ktlint to format code
• Drop unused parameters treewide
• Disable verbose output when running kapt
• Resolve Android resource validation errors
• Drop incompatiable java annotations
• Add dedicated lint config and ignore missing translations
• Switch to IntentBuilder's constructor for specifying parameters
• Switch from toLowercase() to lowercase() method
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