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Nox Booster, Cleaner, Security v1.8.9

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Nox Booster, Cleaner, Security 1.8.9
Loading... Nox Booster, Cleaner, Security 1.8.9
Loading... Nox Booster, Cleaner, Security 1.8.9
Loading... Nox Booster, Cleaner, Security 1.8.9
Loading... Nox Booster, Cleaner, Security 1.8.9
Loading... Nox Booster, Cleaner, Security 1.8.9
Loading... Nox Booster, Cleaner, Security 1.8.9
Loading... Nox Booster, Cleaner, Security 1.8.9

Nox Booster, Cleaner, Security / Description

Is your device lagging and running slower than before?😰

🔥🔥🔥Nox Booster can help the phone reduce lags and make your Android run faster!
Nox Booster is designed as a super Android optimizer with a boost tool cache cleaner virus scanner battery saver fast charger and CPU cooler.
When your phone starts lagging Nox Booster helps boost RAM & clear memory speed up the device and ensure fast and smooth gameplay. Additionally it is also a cache cleaner to clean up junk files and reclaims your valuable storage space. Still worrying about the mobile virus? Our anti-virus feature offers 24/7 and 360 security.

【Why Nox Booster?】
1. Helpful: Nox Booster shows the real-time phone usage stats and temperature
2. Effective: Drastically optimize RAM and gameplay enhancing phone performance
3. Easy Use: With only one click Nox Boost clean caches and junk to get more storage
4. Professional: The most up-to-date virus database keeps your phone and privacy safe
5. Light: Nox Booster offers all above features with a size of only 30 MB

【Nox Booster Features】
🚀Speed Up Phone and Enhance Performance
Nox Booster aims to quickly kill these tasks keeping your device fast and efficient.
Auto-start apps are annoying since they are RAM-consuming. After stopping them Nox Booster also prevents them from re-opening again without authorization to ensure device performance.

🚀Smart Junk Cleaner
Always see the 'Storage Almost Full' notification? No worry Nox Booster can help you free up phone storage by cleaning junk files and cache which take up unnecessary space in your phone. With our professional cleaner system Nox Booster won’t delete wrong files and your private data.

🚀Up-to-Date Virus & Malware Database to Guarantee Mobile Security
If you are seeing ads pop up out of nowhere your device might be taken over by a virus. But no worries the antivirus feature can find out viruses malware Trojans and remove them once and for all. Prevention is better than cure!

🚀Real-Time Monitor of Your Phone Status
Want to know if your phone is performing as well as it can? Our real-time monitor keeps an eye on the system performance statistics to help you master your device.
When CPU usage or the temperature gets too high Nox Booster indicator automatically turns red to suggest you optimize the device in case it gets overloaded.

❄️CPU Cooler
After heavy gaming or video watching your phone could be uncomfortably hot due to the overwhelmed CPU. Nox Booster detects and shuts down apps that overuse system resources with a special algorithm to protect your device from overheating.
To avoid device temperature rising again Nox Booster will auto reduce unnecessary CPU usage after it cools down your phone.

🔋Battery Saver
With battery saver Nox Booster provides a series of battery-saving modes and you can customize your own battery-saving mode. Just one tap analyze battery usage and stop battery-draining apps to prolong battery performance.

♻️Fast Charger
Nox Booster can help speed up battery charging and protect your phone's battery health. Improve the charging speed by scanning and optimizing background apps and unnecessary processes on your mobile phone.

🚀Make Your Game Faster & Smoother
Lagging and high-ping situations ruin our gaming experience to avoid these spoilers Nox Booster is designed to free up more RAM memory before you initiate the game.

Permissions Notice:
Accessibility Service: We request Accessibility to provide a deep clean service and we promise that the permission will not be used in reading any of your privacy information or changing your settings.

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1. Some bugs fixed

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