7Fon: Wallpapers & Backgrounds5.6.0 b316 (Premium)

7Fon: Wallpapers & Backgrounds v5.6.0 b316 (Premium)

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7Fon: Wallpapers & Backgrounds 5.6.0 b316 (Premium)
Loading... 7Fon: Wallpapers & Backgrounds 5.6.0 b316 (Premium)
Loading... 7Fon: Wallpapers & Backgrounds 5.6.0 b316 (Premium)
Loading... 7Fon: Wallpapers & Backgrounds 5.6.0 b316 (Premium)
Loading... 7Fon: Wallpapers & Backgrounds 5.6.0 b316 (Premium)
Loading... 7Fon: Wallpapers & Backgrounds 5.6.0 b316 (Premium)
Loading... 7Fon: Wallpapers & Backgrounds 5.6.0 b316 (Premium)

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Sometimes changing small things make a difference whether it’s a path you go home after work buying oranges instead of mandarins or simply petting a stray cat. And because you changed your routine just a little bit you’ve now seen something new tried something new and made somebody happy by simply giving them attention. Small things are important because it’s easier to control them. That is why it’s so enjoyable and sometimes even exciting to do them. And one of these small things is changing your wallpaper. You can laugh but still you can’t deny that it just feels so much more than it seems. It feels like a new start like with just getting new wallpaper for your phone or computer you can find something inside of you looking at this small world differently. That’s why we wanted to create the biggest and constantly updating collection of cool wallpapers and backgrounds. So you could do this small change to make yourself feel better and to satisfy your desire of looking at something beautiful.

7Fon Wallpapers 4K is the best android app where you find every background you want for free. We want to give you the best so we concentrated on 1080p 4K Full HD and 1920x1080 wallpapers. Every wallpaper goes through a verification and sorting process not by a machine but by man. Because of this our app can guarantee you a TOP-quality background in every category you like nature something aesthetic inventions and so on. Every few hours we upload new high-quality wallpapers and they go through a verification process. We allow only Full HD resolution and higher (QHD UHD and 4K). If we get the better quality of an image that we already have the image will be changed with the one that has better quality. Also we delete pictures with a low rating and in which our users are not interested. This way you will get only the best wallpapers for free. We thought that all of this was not enough so we added the function of live wallpapers. Choose a background you want to see choose the interval of changing and there you have it.

• Best quality wallpaper app for android you can find;
• Very attentive process of verification and sorting;
• We have the best quality: Full HD QHD UHD and 4K;
• Constantly improving collection of background;
• Function of creating a live wallpaper.

Great amount of wallpapers and backgrounds on your choice sorted across 60+ categories which includes:
3D Abstract AMOLED Amphibia Animals Anime Art Architecture Autumn Aviation Beverages Big cats Birds Black & White Bridges Cars Cartoons Cats Children Cities Clouds Creative Desserts Different Dogs Dreamscapes Flowers Food Fruit Girls Horses Insects Interior Kawaii Lakes Landscapes Love Macro Material design Men Minimal Money Motorcycles Mountains Music Nature Neon Night Ocean Patterns People Rain Reptiles Retro Cars Ships Space Sport Spring Summer Sunrise Sunset Textural

Find a background for yourself and enjoy it! 7Fon Wallpapers 4K will help you with that!

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7Fon: Wallpapers & Backgrounds / What's New in v5.6.0 b316 (Premium)

- Mod Info:
๏ Premium Features Unlocked
๏ AOSP Compatible (No Google)
๏ Multi Languages
๏ CPUs: universal
๏ Debug Info Removed


- Bug fixes

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