Vivaldi: Private Browser5.3.2683.31

Vivaldi: Private Browser v5.3.2683.31

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Vivaldi: Private Browser 5.3.2683.31
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Loading... Vivaldi: Private Browser 5.3.2683.31
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Loading... Vivaldi: Private Browser 5.3.2683.31
Loading... Vivaldi: Private Browser 5.3.2683.31
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Vivaldi: Private Browser / Description

Discover a blazingly fast Internet browser! Vivaldi is a new free and private web browser built with flexibility in mind. It comes packed with useful features including a built-in AdBlocker (pop-up blocker) tracking protection and private translation. Browser options like proper desktop-style tabs dark/light Themes and layout choices help you make it yours.

Download a private Android web browser app for free now!

🕵️‍♂️ Safe & Private Web Browser

Your web browser your business. We don't track how you use Vivaldi and private incognito tabs mean you can keep your Internet browsing history to yourself. Searches links sites visited cookies and temporary files won't be stored when you use private tabs.

⛔️  Block Ads & Trackers

A built-in adblocker blocks privacy-invading ads and stops trackers from following you around the Internet - no extensions needed. P.S. AdBlocker and pop-up blocker also make your browser safer and faster.

💡 Browser with Real Tabs!

Choose between using a Tab Bar (which works great on larger screens and tablets) or a Tab Switcher to manage tabs. In the Tab Switcher you can quickly swipe to find open tabs private tabs and tabs you’ve recently closed in the browser or have open on another device.

🏃‍♀️ Browse Faster

Browse faster by adding your favorite bookmarks as Speed Dials on the new tab page to keep them one tap away for faster internet browsing on Android. Sort them into folders pick from a bunch of layout options and make it your own. You can also switch Search Engines on the fly using Search Engine Nicknames while typing in Vivaldi’s Address Field (like "d" for DuckDuckGo or "w" for Wikipedia).

🛠 Built-in Tools

Vivaldi comes with built-in tools so you get better app performance and spend less jumping between apps to get things done. Here's a taste:

- Get private translations of websites using Vivaldi Translate (powered by Lingvanex).
- Take Notes as you browse and sync them securely between all your devices.
- Capture screenshots of a full page (or just the visible area) and share them quickly.
- Scan QR Codes to share links between devices.
- Use Page Actions to adjust webpage content with filters.

🍦 Keep your browsing data with you

Vivaldi is also available on Windows Mac and Linux! Pick-up where you left off by syncing data across devices. Open tabs saved logins Bookmarks and Notes seamlessly sync to all your devices using end-to-end encryption and can be further secured by an encryption password.

All Vivaldi Browser Features
- Internet browser with encrypted Sync
- Free built-in AdBlocker with pop-up blocker
- Page Capture
- Speed Dial shortcuts for favorites
- Free Tracker Blocker for privacy protection
- Notes with rich text support
- Private tabs (for incognito private browsing)
- Dark Mode
- Bookmarks Manager
- QR Code Scanner
- External Download manager support
- Recently closed tabs
- Search engine nicknames
- Reader View
- Clone tab
- Page Actions
- Language Selector
- Downloads Manager
- Auto-clear browsing data on exit
- WebRTC leak (for privacy)
- Cookie banner blocking
- 🕹 Built-in Arcade

✌️ About Vivaldi

Vivaldi is the most feature-packed customizable Internet browser for Android that has two ground rules: privacy is a default and everything's an option. We don't track you and believe private and secure software should be the rule not the exception. You choose how Vivaldi works what features to use and how it looks. This is your browser after all.

To get the most out of Vivaldi sync up with our desktop version (available on Windows macOS and Linux). It's free and has a lot of cool stuff that we think you'll love. Get it at: vivaldi.com

Take private web browsing on Android to the next level with Vivaldi browser! Open links from apps and browse the Internet with ease!

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Vivaldi: Private Browser / What's New in v5.3.2683.31

Highlights of today’s update:
- Rename & edit Tab Stacks, even Two-level Tabs Stacks, a solution that no other browser offers.
- The Translate Panel, a unique way of translating snippets of texts automatically, lets you find languages in the dropdown menu.
- View all tabs with a swipe gesture in the Address Field.
- Sync search engines across all Vivaldi installs including desktops, phones, tablets, Chromebooks, & cars.
Full story at https://vi.tc/3lQ175D
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